How to use

It's easy to use my application. When you press "Run App" in the app.R application, shinny dashboard opens up which contains 3 tabs Cholera Deaths, Cholera Age Sex Fatality, and Leaflet Map.

In Cholera Deaths tab the table contains "Show" drop down box where you can select the number of entries shown at a time.For example, 10 entities it will contain 5 pages because there are total 42 entities. Likewise when you enter 25 entities it will have only 2 pages. At the bottom of the page there's next and previous to navigate from one table to the other table. The search drop down is used to find a specific date or specific attack number. And you can do the same thing at the end of the table for a specific coloumn.

In Cholera Age Sex Fatality tab just like in Cholera Deaths app at the end of the table you can search for a specific number and the search drop down box can do the same.

In Leaflet Map tab there's "+" and "-" to zoom in and out of the map.